Ann TatangeloAnn Tatangelo, Professional Researcher · 2001 to present · Sora, Italy

Genealogical research on site in Central & South Italy.

Civil and parish record searches, finding living relatives, tours, translation services, citizenship certificate service.

For estimates and inquiries please email me directly at



Gian Mariano Cianchetti, associate researcher.

Parish and civil record searches in Lazio, Tuscany, Le Marche, Campania, Abruzzo

On-Line record searches for any area covered by on line records.

Gian Mariano volunteers in local parishes and Diocese to assist with digitizing their records to preserve them.  It is very unlikely they will ever be put on line.





Rita Abbasi, associate researcher.

Civil and parish record searches in Lazio, Abruzzo and Latina.

Rita was born in England but has lived in Italy since she was a teenager.  Her command of English is excellent.


18 Responses to “About”
  1. Vincent D'Orazio says:

    Ann———due to a scam I recently lost all my e-mail addresses including yours. I will be coming to Fontana Liri in late July and would like to contact you. Please send me your e-mail address.


  2. Mary Ferraro says:

    Hi Ann,

    I came across your Web site while trying to find online access to civil records in Italy. Both my maternal grandparents were from Frosinone. My grandmother, born in 1893, was adopted from an orphanage in Rome by a in Pico by the last name of Carnevale. My grandfather, Luciano DelSignore, was born in 1895 in either Esperia or Pico. They were married around 1920 – 1921. What are the chances that information is available about either family?

    — Mary


  3. Mary Ferraro says:

    Hello Ann,

    I posted here last night, but my posting seems to have disappeared. I live in the USA and found your Web site while trying to find info on obtaining civil records from Italy. I’m interested in researching my maternal ancestors: My grandmother (Louisa), was born in Rome in 1893, and was adopted by a Carnevale from Pico (where she lived until emigrating to the USA around 1920). My grandfather, Luciano DelSignore, was born in 1895 in either Pico or Esperia. I have a copy of Luciano’s discharge papers from the Italian army WWI…do you think that I’d be able to find out any information on my ancestors in Italy with just this little amount of info to begin with?

    — Mary Ferraro


    • Ann says:

      Hi Mary,
      Comune of Rome will have her birth record. Comune of Pico should have some record of her and the family she was living with. Half the people in Pico are named Carnevale though!
      There are also records of babies before they were adopted from Santo Spirito.
      Del Signore is found in both Pico and Esperia but they do have records for this period. If you have his army discharge it should give his town of birth.
      With what you have you should be able to go back to 1599 if Luciano was born in Pico but if it was Esperia it was much less. Many records were destroyed during WW2.
      Louisa stops at her birth. Babies were abandoned anonymously. So no parent records exist.


      • Mary Ferraro says:

        Hi Ann,

        Thank you so much for getting back to me! I just checked the Italian military document for Luciano and it says that he was born in Pico..his USA Petition for Naturalization says Esperia. So his birth date is: September 4, 1895.

        I do have a little more info on Louisa…she came to the Carnevale family with her own last name and a dowry, which she said was left for her by her birth parents…the only thing about her last name is I don’t know its exact spelling…will dig around more…also have a letter from 1932 describing the property that was left to her after her adopted mother or father died. Need to have the letter translated.

        Can you tell me how you charge for your services…you can e-mail me directly at the e-mail address that I provided. Thank you.

        — Mary
        P.S. I visited Pico for a few hours in 1974…met a family named Carnevale who may have been related to me via Del Signore…so we thought…lots was getting lost in translation…but we think that Mrs. C was the granddaughter of Luciano’s sister.


  4. Lisa Beni says:

    Angel Communications/Ann

    I am an Italian Adoptee searching for many years. Shortly after I got my birthmother’s information, I became gravely ill over 10 years. With God’s grace I got well but now the trail is cold again.

    IF I provide you my birthmother’s phone #/address (valid 10 years ago), could you or someone Italian call to see if she is still alive? It would need to be a delicate phone call as I could feel she did not want to jeopardize her current life with past (me)–which is why I had her parish priest initially reintroduce her to me back then.

    Anyway, this is only scratching the surface, I have lots of documents & research, I don’t speak Italian, and now that I’m well many years later, I’m afraid of losing her again. I’m indigenous to VENETO, I was born in PARMA Province, and my birthmother moved to COMO (LOMBARDY).

    I will give you my email and please give me your thoughts.

    Ciao & grazie,

    Lisa Beni


  5. Monique Gobbo says:

    Hi Ann
    I’m looking for any information on my Grandfathers family. My Grandfather, Eugenio came to the America in 1906. He stayed with his brother Antonio in I think it was in Pennsylvania. He had brothers that came over later. For some reason the brothers didn’t keep in touch. I have no information on who Eugenio’s parents were and I really would like to know. Eugene’s wife was Elizabetta at least that is the name one one paper I found written in Italian but I don’t understand the language so I don’t know what it is. She was always called Elsie. If there is any information you have on this I would appriciate it. Thank you very much


  6. anna valente says:

    Hi anne, my name is anna Valente im doing my grandas family tree his name is Gerado Demarco,he had two houses in L,immoglie im trying to find them or the land that they were one of the house was taken by the council and not knicked it down mum his daughter never claimed for the land I am his granddaughter anna Valente I was in picnisco when I was a wee girl with the family and then I was there in 2011 AND 2012 I met his neighbour Louisa she bought some of his vineyards, it looked so vast the that my granda had bought, im in the middle of putting mums old photos together to and make it her Italian heritage as she died in 2009, I have all the birth papers and old photos my pal is going to help write her storie of L,immoglie and her parents, im translating from Italian to English as my grand photos are all in Italian, I would love if you could find his whereabouts of there houses, its not far from the Bella vista hotel, in l,immoglie, up on the hill, and my dad father, was born in san gueisspe in 1806, there were two houses there also at the ponte Americano bridge, excuse my spelling hope you can help me anna Valente.ps I dt have a website just my email. address.


    • Ann says:

      Hi Anna,
      Can you please resend this request to my business email italysearch@gmail.com. Thank you. I will be away for the next month but will look into this on my return. I have done a lot of work in Picinisco and in Immoglie so the house shouldn’t be too hard to find.


  7. anna valente says:

    I hope it is okay to write to you, I have such a huge album of photos that my mum left, anna Valente.


  8. Annavalente says:

    Hi Ann, hope you are well my cousin Rod has sent,you an email, he is my cousin too take care, I will get back to you about my dads… from Anna.


  9. Nick says:

    Interested in surnames Brusco, Ianitellli, Cervi, Lollo and Canina in Alvito Italy. Looking for any links to Sicily or back to Spain. possible Sephardic roots.


  10. Ruth Gibson says:

    Hi Ann,
    So nice to see this site here. My grandfather Ascenzo DeGasperis was born in Sora to Nicola DeGasperis and Maria Angela Simone Manna (born 05 Jun 1832 Collelongo, L’Aquila). I know for sure this much. I have gone as far as I can on Ancestry. Can you correspond with me privately and I will give you another contact I have in Sora and tell you the whole story.
    So glad to have found you. Language is a problem and this seems like a solution.
    Thank you,
    Ruth Gibson


  11. Francesca woolmer says:

    Hello I am looking for a birth certificate of my great grandfather for my dual citizenship. A living relative thinks he was born around montecassino in the late 1800s around 1896 I have his name and his parents. Would you be able to search records in Cassino and vallerotonda/ valvori for me and what would be the cost be for searching? Many thanks Francesca woolmer


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