Translation of Italian Documents

Having an Italian document translated can be very rewarding but getting an interpretation can be truly enlightening. Look at one client’s remarks after receiving the translated documents from Irene. Thank you for translating these documents and for putting the marriage of Antonio and Domenica in a historical context for me.  It is truly fascinating.  It … Continue reading

My New Assistant!

I’d like to introduce my new assistant.  Irene Palombo. Irene has a Master’s degree in history and has collaborated on several historical books.  She works part-time in the Diocese offices and has now started working in genealogy research.  She is prepared to travel which means we can now accept assignments from other areas outside of … Continue reading

Frosinone Parish Records

Parish records for the three oldest parishes in the centre of Frosinone have been transferred to the Diocese in Ferentino where they can be consulted on Wednesdays only. Whenever there is more than one parish in a town a researcher must be prepared to move from one to the other as necessary to follow the … Continue reading

From Europe to America – The history of Italian Emigration

Along time client sent me this link, to an excellent article on Italian emigration.  It covers the BIG questions of Who traveled to America? Facing prejudice Why immigrate? I hope you find it interesting.

Annual newsletter

Seasons Greetings for 2017 It’s that time of year again and I want to wish all my followers a great year in genealogy research. I was able to complete 51 projects in 29 communities during 2016 for many of you despite continuing health problems which are hopefully now resolved.  Thank you to all who invited … Continue reading

PICINISCO, VAL DI COMINO 1017 -2017. An important anniversary for the town and all our neighbours.

In 2017, Picinisco, one of the towns which lie in Val di Comino, will celebrate its first Millennium. While undoubtedly older, the first mention of Picinisco is to be found in a document dated 6 March 1017, when the Princes of Capua restored to the Abbey of Montecassino the Monastery of S. Valentino to be … Continue reading

Picinisco video

For all my followers with ancestors from Picinisco here is a Youtube link to a beautiful video of the town.

POFI (Frosinone) Parish records

The parish records for all parishes in Pofi have been transferred to the Diocese Archives in Veroli. These archives are open all day on Fridays only (except August) and while the archivist can help with suggestions, please remember she is not a family history researcher.  If you need help with your Pofi search please email … Continue reading


There are many companies who offer genealogy research and their rates and methods of charging vary greatly. FLAT RATE This is very popular with the larger companies who want the ‘whole job’ of creating your family tree.  From you at the beginning and covering several generations.  Most have it broken down into a rate for … Continue reading

The Anagrafe (Big Brother, Italian-style) South & Central Italy

Italian civil records have to be the most informative I have ever encountered.  They are so detailed they practically tell the family story as a standalone.   The Anagrafe knows everything about all of its residents, where they live, who their parents are, their birth marriage and death dates and now even their divorce details.  They … Continue reading