Simple ancestor searches covering as many generations as civil and parish records permit.  The work in completed in stages to allow clients to spread the cost over time if necessary.

Full packages including civil and parish record searches presented in book form ready for printing.

Preliminary or complete research, followed by a tour of the ancestral towns with on site research if desired.

‘Brick wall’ review of your research completed to date with advice on what to do next.

On site civil record searches back to where the client can do their on research in the on line records.

Parish record searches after the client has exhausted on -line resources.

Detailed translation of civil or parish records or other documents obtained by the client or by us.

Citizenship documents acquired from the town of origin.

Land/Property records obtained from the Italian Government for ancestors born after 1870.




30 Responses to “Services”
  1. Mrs. Helen Lewis says:

    Dear Ann
    My husband I are in Valle Grande/Immoglie – apartment mobile no. 3341850322. We are members of \italian Genealogy and you have replied to me – my name is maenadpl in Australia. we are searching for Cocozza, and Panetta. Giovanni Cocozza from Vallegrande is my husband’s grandfather.

    Are you available for a research project? We are actually coming to Sora tomorrow, Sunday, to see the antique market. If you are able to help, are we able to meet with you some time tomorrow. If so, you would need to phone us on the apartment mobile number as I will not be in an internet cafe for some days now.

    Thank you and kind regards,

    Helen Lewis


    • Ann says:

      I am so sorry not to be available for you but I am in Canada until May 23rd.
      I can do a search for you when I get back if this is something you would want.
      Valley grande is actully part of Villa Latina and if you go to the anagrafe office (next to the church in Villa Latina) they might be able to give you some information. Your surnames also exisit in Picinisco so there may be some intermarrying with Picinisco families.


  2. Ann says:

    My site deals only with Italian research and I would prefer to keep it that way. Your site deals with the USA research that must be done prior and covers mostly current information for people looking for relatives.


    • Michael Guzy says:

      I am going to Villa Latina and wondered if you had any information on the following family names
      FILOMENA ARCARI/DANNUNZIO married in St Annunsio Villa Latina
      Parents Raffael Dannunzio/ Maria Dunnunzio


      • Ann says:

        I don’t keep information on individual families but treat each research project as a separate search. If family trees cross then I put the two parties together.
        D’Annunzio is a surname of Villa Latina and you may well be related to another client. I have also researched Arcari families from Picinisco.
        When will you be there?


      • Michael Guzy says:

        Thank you for your reply.We hope to Arrive in Cassino for 2 nights on Sunday 29th May. flights permitting . What are your fees or cost of services for any searches please. Thank you. M Guzy


  3. Helen Lewis says:

    Mark. & Helen Lewis
    P.O. Box 25,
    Ormond, Victoria, Australia 3204

    Telephone: +61-3-5772.2479 (leave message)

    Mrs. Ann Tatangelo Thursday July 7th 2011

    Dear Ann,


    We emailed you on May 7th when we were in Italy, actually staying at Alan and Carole Haworth’s apartment at Casa Bella Vista, Immoglie. You kindly responded to our email on May 8th but unfortunately we did not receive it until now, so I do apologise for our late reply.

    This is just a quick reply to advise that we will seek your professional services. Meanwhile, we will set out some facts that we have gathered, and a list of questions/information we would like you to attempt to supply.

    Perhaps you could advise us your usual modus operandi – what you need from us, your usual schedule of fees, method of payment, the form/structure of your replies to us and the intervals between your supply of information.

    (We did attempt to go to Sora on the Sunday but took a wrong turn somewhere and ended up at Pescosolido. It was Mother’s Day; we arrived in time for a village procession of a large painting of the Madonna and Child, priests and men in red and white robes, led by a fantastic brass band with cannon and fireworks from the opposite hilltop then Mass at the fantastic church. On the way home we called in at Gallinaro “Babino Jesu”. It was without doubt the best and most unexpected day of our entire Italian trip.)

    Kind regards,

    Helen and Mark Lewis (Cocozza)


    • Phyllis Fechino Walsh says:

      HI Ann,
      I’m very interested in your services. My mom came from Cesa, Italy, via Naples, with her mother and sister They sailed here on the ship the Roma in 1903. My search has been to find out why, on the manifest, my grandmother’s name was Felicia Rampone, and my mother’s and aunt’s names were Rose and Marie Esposito. I am wondering if they were foundlings.

      My grandmother settled in Providence R I and supposedly my grandfather’s name was Vincenzo Esposito. (I believe it was changed from Tieri to Esposito.)

      Not too many years after settling in RI Felicia died during childbirth and eventually Vincenzo and the girls left for Netcong, NJ.

      I want to know if Felicia was married to Vincenzo and if Rose and Marie were indeed their children or were they foundlings (given the fact that their last names were Esposito.

      Please let me know what your services would cost. I would be grateful if you could help me.


  4. Edith Kennedy says:

    I am researching my family in Italy Someone on suggested tha I contact you. My great gradparents names were Carlo D’Amico 1873-1917 Concetta Buzzelli 1881-1952. They were married march 6 , 1901 in Castel Di Sangro At the Church of Mothers. The left italy in 1901 to come to Pennsylvania US. I have no idea of who to contact in Italy to find out if I still have Relatives alive in Italy. I have found relatives in the US his is all they know about family history. My goal is to travel to Italy with my children so we can learn about my family. My mother died when I was a Baby so I thought this is one way I can learn about her family. Any information would be greatly appreciated


    • Ann says:

      You need obtain a copy of their marriage certificate from the Comune of Castel del Sangro. This will tell you their parents names and from there you can discover who their siblings were and if they stayed in Italy. If you are not comfortable doing this yourself please contact me at for a quote.


      • Edith Kennedy says:

        I was able to get the names of my Great great grandparents from death certificates. but I have not idea of who to write to in Italy to get a copy of a marriage certificate. I can’t find the church online.
        Do you have any suggestions?

        Edith kennedy


      • Ann says:

        All civil records are maintained in the town where the act took place. So, if you know the name of the search do a google ssearch Comune di …… and you should find the towns website with its address. Even if there is an email address you should write in Italian and enclose an addressed envelope.
        Depending on the town you may be able to find the civil record on microfilm at your local Family History Centre. (click on library)


  5. Charlie Miles says:


    I would like to research whether a U.S. citizen born in Montemonaco, Italy obtained a degree from Nobile Collegio Campana Istituto di Ragioneria Marconi in Osimo, Italy in 1957. He purportedly attended the college from 1952-1957.



    • Ann says:

      I assume you are referring to the candidate for election. Based on his age and the years he spent there I can only assume that the impressive sounding name is merely the name of the high school where he specialized in accounting/bookkeeping. Even today young people are streamed into high schools that specialize in a certain subject. Potential University students attend the ‘Liceo Classico’ or ‘Liceo scientifico’. The rest specialize in bookkeeping, draughting, early childhood education, etc. I hope this answers your question.


  6. Nicole Biancucci says:

    Greetings Ann: Both my Mother and Father’s family’s are from the town of Patrica (Mom’s Family is Montini and my Father’s is Biancucci). My Father will be visiting Rome in June 2012 and I would like to arrange a tour of Patrica for him as he has always wanted to visit. I’d like to arrange car service and a day tour as a 70th bday gift so he can learn abouth is family history. I see you offer research services– i’d have to make transportation arrangements from Rome to Patrica as well.

    Thanks so much for any help/information!

    Mille grazie, Nicole Biancucci


  7. Lynne says:

    Ann, Thank you so much for helping me discover and resolve a problem with a local Comune. I recently acquired my Italian Citizenship, but when I asked for copies of my some of my vital records from my Comune, I did not receive any response. Thanks to your inquiries, we discovered that there was a scanning error with the documents the Comune received from Italian Consulate. The documents have been resent by the Consulate and are now being processed. I would never have discovered the problem or been able to resolve it without your assistance. Thank you again for all your help!


  8. Yvette Wilson says:


    I am searching for my Great Grandfather. His name was Salvatore Giannascoli or (Gionnoscoli, as we were told). He was born in 1888 in Francavilla al Mare. He came to the USA in 1908. How do I start contacting Italy for records such as birth and if anyone else is still there?

    Thank you
    Yvette Wilson


  9. Amelia Savill says:

    Good Afternoon, Would you be able to help me trace my mothers family, she was born in San Gennaro Picinisco. Her fathers name was Alfredo Jaconelli and Mother Florinda Valente.


    • Ann says:

      I can certainly help with a search in Picinisco. Please send more details to for a quote.


    • Michelle Aiello says: name is Michelle Aiello born Jaconelli ….my dad was Alessandro Jaconelli who had a brother called Alfredo born in Newcastle upon Tyne. Is your uncle called Bruno and your mum called Rosina? I am sure we must be related…Bruno is my cousin (son of Alfredo) If so…then your mum is my cousin too!


      • Ann says:

        Your comments need to be directed to Amelia Savill personally. Amelia did not contact me about researching her family so I cannot put you in touch with her.


  10. Diane says:

    Hello Ann
    I am looking for my Gizzi relatives; Nunziato and Maria (Grilli) Gizzi both Picinsco, who went to England sometime between 1866 and 1877. Their children Loreta and Giacinta (and possibly others) were born in Picinsco but Antonio and Teresa were born in England. I would love to find Nunziato’s parentage.
    I would appreciate any advice you can give


    • Ann says:

      If they were from Picinisco they should be found in the parish census of 1853 which was updated with births etc until 1899. Parish records go back to 1540.
      I can get a copy for you if you wish. It shows their names and birth dates, and names of their respective parents. Also names and birth dates of any children born in Picinisco. Please contact me privately at
      Alternately, you can write to the town office for a copy of their birth records, marriage records etc until you reach a person born before 1866. At this point you can search the microfilmed civil records at any Family History Centre.
      Thank you for posting your question. If you would like photos of the town you should be able to find them on the website.


  11. AnnaValente says:

    Hi Anne, goodness you are a busy researcher for picinisco, I hope you will be able to find my grandas houses in San Guiesspe and L,immoglie, have a safejourney home, kind regards Anna Valente


  12. teresa wood says:

    Could anyone help me find my sisternot heard from her since the late 70 s


  13. Caroline Cox says:

    Hello Ann
    I will be traveling to Roccasecca Italy in September 2015. I would like to find any information on my relatives Divito or Violla or DeSessa Wondering if you could help me


  14. kriscolucci says:

    Hello. My name is Kris Colucci and my husband Dave and I are looking for information on his great grandfather Raffaele Colucci. My husbands grandfather was Michele Colucci and his father was Raffaele. We have documents and records on Michele but have been unable to locate birth, baptism, marriage or death records on Raffaele. We have visited the town of Trasacco where Michele was born (in 1892) and done research at the Family Research Library in Salt Lake City and worked on ancestry, family search and Italian geneology to no avail. Someone in Trasacco told us Raffaele came from Cassino (unconfirmed) and some family here said he may have been in the seminary or a priest earlier. We know Raffaele was not from Trasacco nor did he die there. Is this a project you can help us with? Can you give me a quote for your services?? Thank you so much! Kris


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